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My Visit Maker
Scheduling Software

My Visit Maker is a cloud-based software application developed and supported by Bezohminds.  Our application enables Consumers to schedule appointments with consumer service providers like hair stylists.  My Visit Maker scheduling software provides online appointment scheduling where appointments are necessary.  Our My Visit Maker application is accessible.  Consumer service providers can communicate using text messaging or email on their mobile phone to receive, accept, and reschedule appointments with their customers where timing is crucial.  

"I received 4 new customers in the first 3 days using our new scheduling software. The set up was easy and customer service was responsive and helpful"


Hair Stylist


Consumer Service Providers identify their availability 

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Customers directed to the Consumer Service Providers availability online

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Customers press to select a time slot and day that works for them.

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Consumer Service Provider receives a text message to accept the new appointment

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Let's Work Together

  • Bezohminds offers a 30 day free trial.  

  • Mobile phones running Android or IOS are supported. 

  • Our cloud-based scheduling is available 24x7 using the Internet.

  • We offer an API to integrate with consumer service provider websites.

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